Weird Sports

This is a list of unusual, weird and/or crazy sports which I have come across. Some of these sports are bizarre curiosities, others are really genuinely fun to watch. It’s up to you to decide which category they belong in for yourself.

Non-Motor Sports

Marble League

Previously called The Marblympics, teams of marbles compete in various events. Whilst you are at it, also check the Marbula-E events.

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Crashed Ice

Also called Ice Cross Downhill, this sport is what you would get if you crossed speed skating with a rollercoaster.

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World Chase Tag

This is what happens when parkour experts play tag on a custom-designed court. If you catch your opponent within 20 seconds then you become the runner, otherwise you stay on.

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Drone Racing

Competitors control really fast agile little drones with cameras attached. They have headsets in order to drive from the drone’s perspective like an extreme racing computer game in real life.

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Far Leaping

Also known as Canal Jumping or Ditch-vaulting. This is a Dutch sport: a cross between the pole-vault and the long jump. Competitors run towards and grab the pole which is sat in some water and as it tips over they climb as high as they can.

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Drop a bunch of pools into a snow park and add some silly costumes. People try to skip across the water and pull off snowboard/ski tricks… They try, but more often they just end up getting soaked.

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Death Diving

From Norway comes this freestyle diving event. The main difference here is that the goal appears to be to make your dive as ludicrous as possible and then make a huge splash.

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Slam Ball

Slam Ball is a full contact version of basketball with trampolines. Two teams launch into the air and slam into each other to score baskets.

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Combat Juggling

Competitors must continue juggling whilst trying to make their opponents drop their clubs. There are one-on-one and group variants.

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Ultimate Dodgeball

It’s dodgeball on trampolines so lots of entertaining dives and bounces whilst avoiding getting hit by thrown balls.

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Based on the sport in the Harry Potter books. Two teams try to throw a ball through various scoring hoops whilst clutching a broom between their legs.

On: Wikipedia, BBC

Indoor Freestyle Skydiving

Also known as skydancing, this is an acrobatic event (often set to music) which takes part inside an indoor skydiving tube.

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Coming from Finland, this covers a selection of traditional horse events (dressage, show jumping, etc) but without the horse.

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Office Chair Grand Prix

Competitors are sat on fairly standard rolling office chairs and race each other around a course typically set through streets.


Pillow Fighting

A bed themed variation on dodge ball. All players start out “in bed” and then they jump up and start throwing cushions at each other. One player can hold up a blanket for defence.

Motor Sports

Frozen Rush

Extreme snow sports crossed with monster truck racing. Two trucks with spiked wheels race each other up and down a snow slope complete with obstacles and jumps.

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Drift Shifters

This sport tests exactly how precisely the drivers can control their cars. It’s kind of like a speed trial crossed with a pinball machine with sensors added to various obstacles, points are awarded for how close to various barriers the cars get.

On: YouTube

3-Hour World Figure 8 Championship

Kind of like stock-car racing but the drivers are not actively trying to hit each other. As a result, the cars end up going a lot quicker, which makes the figure-8 crossover extra anxiety-inducing.

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Stadium Super Trucks

This is a vehicle race, but the vehicles are huge trucks with ridiculous suspension and the track has big jumps on it. There are street and motor-cross variations.

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If you know of any other weird sports which might also fit on this list then feel free to drop a message.

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